Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Drawing Water by Eva Heisler

Published by Noctuary Press, Eva Heisler’s Drawing Water is a collection that focuses on lines and how they blur and come into focus, their very presence or absence when a line breaks or continues on, it brings forth imagery that is fresh and innovative. Samples below:

The page is the body of a ghost (but I don’t believe in ghosts).

--This line describes the intimidation of a blank page, in my mind. It is such a simple phrase and yet so poignant as we all stare at blank pages when trying to think of something new to say or write or how to respond, whether it is paper or e-mail or walls, the “page” is a ghost, eerie and intangible.

I cover ground with dark and pointed instrument.
I say, first, white is precious.
I do not mean merely glittering or brilliant:
it is easy to scratch white gulls out of black clouds,

--I love that the poem ends with a comma, allowing us to continue on in our own minds. We try to cover white, blank space with our writing instrument and here we find dark surface being scratched to reveal white, a new perspective on a different colored surface.

Anything you find ugly is good to draw.

--Personally, I just love the sentiment of the line itself. Especially for someone like me who cannot draw to save her life. Drawing something ugly almost takes the pressure off of trying to do the subject justice. It’s a thought you don’t normally encounter and so it creates fresh imagery in my mind which I appreciate.

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Luke Armstrong said...

Nice. Going to pass this along to my brother whose an artist. It kinda reminds me of Gertrude Stein in trying to describe art via prose.