Thursday, August 6, 2009

Damselfly Open Submissions

You have until Sept. 15th to make it into Issue 8 which comes out in October! Send 1-3 poems to the Poetry Editor: LesleyATdamselflypressDOTnet and make sure your poems arrive as a Microsoft Word or .RTF attachment. Include a bio of less than 50 words and include your contact information. For more details go to:

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Poems Found by Poet Hound
“Cubilete Mountain Pilgrimage” by Jeffrey Alfier
“We Wend Our Way Across Two Imaginings and Find The World Is Real” by Geoffrey Babbit

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lilliput Review #169

What I love in this collection are the pairings of poems clumped together through similar words (not poems, just words) such as “quiet”, “silence” and “firefly.” The cover is spooky to me in a good way, a figure with a darkened face and an outline of a body to greet you as you open the pages. This little journal left me feeling at peace and inspired. I hope you feel the same with some of the following poems:

empty leaves zig zag
from cold branches to the pond –
no sound of water

John K. Rutenberg,
Myrtle Beach, SC

I think this is a lovely nature poem, don’t you? The “empty leaves” echo the last line “no sound of water” tying in the silence of the moment.

James Moore

Last Night the man who said he wrote
seven poems a day might have rolled
a grenade into the room, he left us so
stunned. This morning, the city still quiet,
soft late rain writes a different poem
on each luminous tree.

J. Zimmerman
Santa Cruz, CA

I love the lasting effect of the man, James Moore, of his statement leaving everyone, and even the city, stunned for a while afterwards.

somewhere near
the deep well of silence
it waits for me

John Elsberg
Arlington, VA

A mysterious silence that you can fill with so many of your own ideas, I wonder what Mr. Elsberg’s “it” is?

an old cemetery –
one by one
the fireflies go out

M. Kei
Perryville, MD

Another mysterious poem! I doubt this cemetery could sound any spookier if it makes fireflies turn out the lights.

I hope you enjoyed this little sample. Each journal is only $1.00 and you can find out more along with reading poems from back issues at:

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Monday, August 3, 2009


From here on until further notice I will only be posting Tuesday through Thursday so that I can devote more time to my own writing. I apologize to those of you who enjoy the Monday and Friday posts, but these seem to be the least popular so I am letting them go for now. Thanks for dropping in and please stop in tomorrow for another featured review…