Tuesday, December 23, 2008

M. Kei's Bridge of Bones

Now for today’s officially featured poet, Bridge of Bones by M. Kei
This gem of a collection is pure zen for me. There is a focus on mother nature’s small treasures and I will share a few of the poems below:

creamy white petals
the first briar rose
beside my boot.

I love the imagery of a small rose being noticed as you look down from your full height, don’t you? That’s the image I had when I read this poem the first time.

a line of
lavender wisteria along
the highway;
for a moment I forget
his death.

This poem has an unexpected ending that brings bittersweet emotion to an underappreciated lovely sight. Now whenever I see small flowers growing along the highways I’ll be thinking of this little poem.

sifting through
the window screen
this evening,
the yellow scent of
wild vines blooming.

“yellow scent” caught my imagination immediately. I think of honeysuckle blooms in my old backyard in Indiana and of the morning glory vines here in Florida. This poem describes the briefest moment in time and ties it to smell which is one of the most powerful ways to remember something, anything, of importance.

in a dream
if a coyote calls
answer with another’s voice.

This is the last poem in the collection and I love it. I have no words to explain or describe this one other than it reminds me of the desert in El Paso where I spent my youth and I do miss hearing the coyotes call and our family howling back into the darkness from our backyard. This one is simply for me and I’m sharing it with you.

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Thanks for reading as always! I’ll be taking the next few days off for the holidays to spend with my family on the Suwannee River here in Florida. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and we will meet again on Monday, December 29th…

Monday, December 22, 2008

42 Opus

Check out this fabulous on-line magazine that publishes poetry, fiction, and non-fiction with new poems, etc. regularly every few days. Their site is easy to navigate and well worth exploring, please visit them by clicking the link below:


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