Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Poems For All

Richard Robert Hansen is the creator of Poems For All. He distributes “seedlings” of poetry and creates the cover art himself. His poems appear in all kinds of places and you must check out his blog for details! His link is at the end of this mini review. My friend and fellow poet, Jameson Bayles, sent me five of these wonderful seedlings and I am reviewing them below. Each seedling contains one poem, they are each unique as any snowflake, as any seed which grows as you may well imagine. Enjoy these wondrous pieces below:

banking on
by Mj taylor

i create to
please you.
i sd it.

albeit all i create
will roam the universe
unseen by its Muse.

riding kell robertson’s
horse called desperation
bent/busted knuckles
clenched white ‘round
reigns of who
cracked faced against the
weather of eternal wander.

but perhaps maybe
one of these days
by the starch command of Sol
the celestial grace of Luna
approved by the higher nod
of Bill Murray,
everything will
align just
& what you feel
is all i create
for that one

Mj Taylor references the poet and country singer, Kell Robertson, who published a collection under the title “horse called desperation.” No doubt Robertson inspired this poem and I love when writers inspire one another. Here, Taylor expresses his desire as a writer to his Muse. Taylor aims for that satisfying moment when everything aligns and “the Gods” nudge the reader in his direction to find satisfaction in this moment of creation. We all strive for that perfect moment, whether it’s through spoken or written word when we reach our target audience and hit the right note. You can reach out to Mj Taylor at:

Dia de los Muertes
by: Dianne Borsenik

Dead will have their day,
And the living, all the
Years before and after.
Ofrendas honor departed
Friends, familia. Smile of
The calavera along with the
Headiness of marigolds.

Everything in its place:
Dead in their deep sleep,
Estranged from the earth,
And the living, a parade
Dancing on their way home.

Dianne Borsenik encapsulates the celebration of Mexico’s Dia De Los Muertos celebration. It is something I have grown up around and enjoy seeing because it celebrates the transformation of a person’s spirit instead of mourning them. Families bring marigolds and offerings of food and drink (ofrendas) to the gravesite. It is a family gathering that brings comfort and even joy. Hence why Borsenik references “dancing on their way home” at the end to show the convivial spirit of the occasion. Dianne Borsenik can be found on social media, she is also the editor/publisher of NightBallet Press at

“no guardrail”
by Dianne Borsenik

no guardrail
between us
and the

One of the shortest poems I’ve read in a while, yet packed with suspense. Dianne Borsenik stops us in our tracks before we ever get comfortable, just as any accident or tragedy will. Great piece in just a few short lines.

The Weight of the Moon

by William Gainer

Anyone interested
in helping raise
the moon?

I’m in,
but I’m too old.

It would be nice
if you
could lend a hand.
I’m thinking
we can do this
heave it up
just past
the tree tops.
That’ll do.

If not
I’ll do what I can
stay up late
have a coffee
think about all
the other old guys
who had this job.

how many nights
they lost

and how many nights
they just said,
fuck it,
and went to bed early.

Let me know,
I can use
a little help.

The damn thing’s
than it looks.

I love the mental picture I get when I read this poem. William Gainer as an aging man looking through his kitchen window as the moon looms low over the trees behind his home. I’ve no idea if he lives in a picturesque location but that is the way of poets, to allow our imaginations to soar. I also picture him with a rake or broom trying to hoist the moon back up over the trees as he asks for help, only to find none. The idea of someone having this job is quixotic and mesmerizing to my mind. Would you help him raise the moon? You can visit William Gainer’s site at

Harry’s Diner Poem
by John Dorsey
For Mj Taylor

as i sit here talking to a friend
between sips of black coffee
i think about the young couple
sitting in the booth across from me
how they don’t seem any happier
than i am right now
how tomorrow they’ll probably be sitting
in that same booth
or some carpool lane
as the cat nuzzles my door
while i am dreaming
of fried eggs

John Dorsey brings his observations while people watching at the diner to us. How often we look around and watch other people, perhaps capture words of their conversations. He notices that they don’t seem “any happier/than i am right now” and I wonder what is the exact level of happiness at this moment in the diner? Are they blurry eyed at breakfast or quietly content? The poet invites us to wonder about this other couple and their future as he brings us into his own home where his pet cat will nuzzle him before he gets up to eat what I presume will be breakfast. What do you observe when you’re at a restaurant or diner? What thoughts enter your mind of the people there? John Dorsey can be found on social media and you can find poems by googling his name and adding “poet” after it.

If you enjoyed any of these poets and their poems, please let them know. Make sure to visit the Poems For All Blog and keep your eyes peeled for seedlings in your hometown. Richard Hansen can be found on Facebook, the creator of Poems For All. Poet Jameson Bayles can also be found on Facebook and Instagram so be sure to support writers, publishers, editors, and let them know you enjoy their work. Thanks always for reading, link to Poems For All is below:

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