Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Poems Found by Poet Hound
Extra Care Poems and Lyrics by Alina Cosma, this is a self-published chapbook and yes you’ll have to make a purchase, the poems range from lyrical and feminine to straightforward and free flowing.
“When All Else Fails” by Joni Lee

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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Lilliput Review Issue #183

Don Wentworth delicately stitches together nature and dreaming into the gently packaged issue #183. Inside you walk the surreal landscapes of farmlands and the realistic landscapes of dreams in the night. Beautiful contrasts abound and I am happy to share with you a few poems:

How gently the rose petal falls to the ground,
keep the mind so.

We don’t want to crush the illusion
do we?

By: Charlie Mehrhoff of Oakland, ME

This poem reminds me of those rare moments out-of-doors when the breeze is gentle, the world is tame, and you have the luxurious moment of taking in the beauty of the landscape of your own yard or the local park. In reality, the world is rushing by filled with ambulance sirens and lawn mowers, but this one peaceful moment arrives and we inhale deeply, that is what this poem reminds me of.

True Dreaming

Once the body is removed
true dreaming begins
as flesh is made into feathers
pillows are stuffed with,
making nests flocking birds
cling to with rigid claws
immovable as barbed wire
fences on the edge of no
man’s land that seems so real
you can almost touch it.

By: Alan Catlin of Schenectady, NY

I love the idea that “flesh is made into feathers” in dreams, a reference to how often we are able to fly in dreams and wish we could in real life. The landscape in the dream described above makes me think of crows clinging to nests, stark, bare-bone fences stretching across fields and the “no man’s land” makes me think of wide open spaces out West. It’s a poem that lends itself to dreaming of your own landscape, letting your imagination create its own dream from the poem and I enjoy the pictures that come into my mind from it.

The Ridge

From low among the darkening oaks
a single bird call
doesn’t stop
until the glow along the mountain ridge
has disappeared.

By: David Chorlton of Phoenix, AZ

This poem is a selfish inclusion as I spent a summer living in Arizona and was immediately transported by this poem. I lived in the valley and every morning as I walked to my work at the hospital during my internship early in the morning I can recall that lone bird singing and the backdrop of the mountains and it is as beautiful as you can imagine. If you have not ever been to Phoenix, I urge you to go and experience its beauty for yourself.

There are other poems I would love to include but you need to purchase this gem, Issue #183 for yourself! Each issue is only $1.00 and worth so much more than the price. You can check out Lilliput Review’s blog and use the PayPal button to purchase the journal for yourself at:

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Monday, January 30, 2012

The Camel Saloon Blog

Russell Streur sent me the link to this on-line blog journal that publishes poems regularly, an excellent read, too. You can also submit poems yourself so be sure to check them out at:
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