Wednesday, March 20, 2013

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“Future Perfect” By Jeffrey Park
“Bones” by Larry D. Thomas

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Lisa M. Cole's Renegade//Heart

Lisa M. Cole’s Renegade//Heart is published by Blood Pudding Press in 2013 and is a riveting collection of poems about love and life that drill to the bone creating fissures, provoking blood loss, changing the meaning of good and bad luck. I can hardly do her justice, all I can say is it is worth purchasing a copy for yourself because you will read it again and again as I have. Below I am happy to share some sample poems:
wait until night & set//your bed on fire, darling//sleep with all the dolls//unhook your rotary phone & watch//the broken chandelier as it swings like a marionette// listen, little dancer://some girls just want to watch the world burn

This poem makes me think of a young girl surrounded by her dolls and her imagination at night. I also think of the poet reflecting back on her childhood days and shaking up the contents of her old bedroom. The imagery of a burning bed with a chandelier swinging overhead like a dangling puppet is scary and seems a defiant act of the girl in the poem, her way of rising against something happening in her life.

a story in which I am the damsel, the maiden, a reluctant crowned girl//I slept for days (years)//I woke up confused//& the world was inverted://spoons did not nourish but demolish//voodoo dolls brought good luck//& you loved me again//to swerve & waver (caper)//to want me supine & ready//yes: the most profound shaman is also stranded in burned ruins

I imagine a woman going through heartbreak, sleeping so much that the world seems unfamiliar when she wakes up, something I can relate to as many of us can. When you want the world to be opposite of what it is, to get the love of your life back, which might mean that the universe would have to be topsy turvy with demolishing spoons and lucky voodoo dolls. I like the concept, that in order to have love back, other items would have to reverse their original nature.

do you see?//we//are almost old//we are almost amber//I stare into your ferris wheel eye//as the summer cicadas whirr & stammer in my bones//dear sage//every time I want to write to you, I am going to write a line instead

I love this poem because I can relate to this one, too. Your emotions are so strong that you want to write a letter to the person you feel so strongly about and instead you write lines, poems. How many of us struggle to put into words our feelings for others? How often can we actually address them directly? Lovely poem.

If you enjoyed this sample of Lisa M. Cole’s Renegade//Heart you may purchase a copy for yourself for $7.00 at:

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