Friday, April 29, 2011

Poet Hound Vacation

My husband and I are taking our first real vacation so there will be no posts for the next week or two as a result.

However I will be back refreshed and excited so please return in a week or so and feel free to look through the archives.

So long, farewell, until we meet again...

Autumn House Poetry Contest

If you have a collection of poems and/or a manuscript started, this may be the contest for you! You will need 50-80 pages worth of poems and a $25.00 entry fee to enter, the prize is publication of your collection and $2,500. Include a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope so you can find out your results, include the entry fee by attaching it to your manuscript, and when mailing your manuscript indicate “Poetry Prize” on the envelope so that it will be directed to the correct editor. The deadline is June 30th so polish up your poems and your manuscript before sending to:

Autumn House Press
PO Box 60100
Pittsburgh, PA 15211

There is also an on-line submission link with a way to “donate” the $25.00 entry fee if that is more convenient for you.

Check out details and learn more about Autumn House by using the link below:

Good luck to all who enter…

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Poems Found by Poet Hound
“The Archer in May” by Kathleen Kirk
“On Waving at the Chevron” by Anya Groner

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Doug Draime's Rock 'n Roll Jizz

Doug Draime began writing in the “underground” literary movement is Los Angeles in the late 1960’s and now writes from Ashland, Oregon. Published by Alternating Current's Propaganda Press, Doug Draime’s poems are not for the faint of heart, they are made for rockers and rebels, for lovers and dreamers. Straightforward, earthy, and gritty, this collection will make you reach for your own rock ‘n roll collection to play in the background. Below are some poems I’d like to share with you:

for Bo Diddley

a pint of
a pack of
& a stolen

i sat sipping
bottle &
one after
the other

it all
& everything
inside &
outside of me
as i
the back of

of life &

open door
across the gravel

Bo Diddley is a Rock ‘N Roll legend, he also lived here in Florida so this poem speaks to me on a couple of levels. I enjoy David’s short, short lines to keep the poem moving and the picture he paints of his younger self listening from across the highway as another form of rebellion since he should not go into the “colored” roadhouse but wants to hear Bo Diddley play.

When I Had Elvis Sideburns

& pegged levi’s
black engineer bots
a pack of smokes
rolled up in the sleeve of my white t-shirt

i was the coolest cat
on the street &
i knew i was
the only 16 year old
in town
who’d read Henry Miller
& On The Road
& listened to Miles Davis
not just rock ‘n roll

i knew i was the coolest cat
in town
i knew by the giggles &
looks of the girls
when i passed by
who would whisper to
each other
about what a hood &
juvenile delinquent
i was
their eyes following me
as i walked by

I love that Doug pokes fun at his teenage self in this poem. A young male strutting around is nothing new but for a grown man to acknowledge his youthful days of trying to be the coolest cat in town is rare. It’s also amusing, so I grinned as I pictured teenage girls giggling over the poet’s choice of clothing and his strutting. Thanks for the smiles and giggling on this end, Doug!

If you enjoyed this short sample, you may purchase a copy of Rock ‘n Roll Jizz by Doug Draime from Propaganda Press for $6.00 (+ $2 US, or $3 out-of-US shipping) on-line at

You can also order by mail with check or money order addressed to Angstman Arts and send to:

Alternating Current
PO Box 183
Palo Alto, CA 94302

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Poet A Day Site

Each and every day a poet is featured here. If you want to add a poet to the roster send an e-mail to:

Be sure to check it out at:

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