Friday, August 8, 2008

Poetry Tips: Summer Procrastination Poems

Summer is almost over and surely some laziness has hit as a result of vacation destinations, travel, summer reading, fun events, all things that make it hard to get back to the grind-stone. Why not commemorate summer fun with some procrastination poems? Make your excuses for not getting that report turned, for not getting your car washed in lieu going for a swim at the lake, for not tending the garden so you could attend the BBQ at your neighbor’s. Turn those lazy moments into a poem or two before getting back to the grind-stone for fall.

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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Umbrella Open Submissions

Be sure to check out their web-site and read the poems before submitting between 1-10 of your own to the e-mail address: umbrellajournal (AT) gmail (DOT) com and the dead-line is August 10th! Please also read the formatting guidelines for the e-mail submission as well.

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Poems Found by Poet Hound
Ruth Stone’s “Mobius Strip of Grief”
Arlene Ang’s “I’m Not Supposed to Wear This Gorilla Costume”

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Monday, August 4, 2008

Blossom Bones Blog

This blog is fun in that it has random aspects with lots of personality along with up-dates on the Blossombones journal. I love the post asking “have you ever been so stressed out that you crocheted a series of small gnomes?” Can’t say that I have! But thanks for the laughs! Check it all out at:

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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sunday Search Edition 1

Well, now that I’m back for the weekends, kind of, I would like to take an idea off the newspapers of our country and give you a “puzzle” of sorts to work on for the week. Answers to be revealed the following Sunday with a new Sunday Search. I’ll include general poetry related items and sometimes a question for regular readers to try and answer since they know my style best. Here’s our first edition and please don’t be afraid to comment “yay” or “nay” on this idea for the blog.

Sunday Search Edition 1:

1. Who wrote the popular poetry book Blessing The Boats?

2. Unscramble the letters to reveal the poet: LAZBITHEE SIHOPB

3. Which poet is known to be a recluse yet sells out on tickets for public readings?

4. Which poet has had over a million readers on his blog?

5. For regular readers: Which poet has had two separate interviews on this blog?

Good luck and you’ll learn the answers next Sunday along with a new set of questions perhaps if this strikes a positive vote…