Monday, September 22, 2008

Bulletin and Alternating Currents Blog

If you are a small press devoted to poets and are looking for more readers/subscribers/submitters, please e-mail me at poethoundblogspot[AT]yahoo(DOT)com if you would like to be featured!

I am also looking for anyone who has current Open Submissions, as well as anyone who publishes poets and just wants to get their name spread out there a little farther. You can title your subject line “Monday Site Feature” or “Thursday Open Submissions.”

Now back to our regularly scheduled program:

Today’s site is a publishing blog called Alternating Current that features poetry, arts, indie, and more! You’ll see mentions of poets that have been interviewed here such as Justin Barrett and Chris Cunningham, along with many other delightful items. Check it out at:

As always, thanks for clicking in, and please don’t be shy about recommending a site or Open Submissions, I’m always happy to receive tip-offs. Please stop by tomorrow for an interview with Simone Muench about her chapbook Orange Girl from Dancing Girl Press…

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