Saturday, September 15, 2007


Well everyone, Saturdays are usually full, and today is. I'm taking a brief moment to get personal. I've been writing poems since I was an itty bitty kid and my New Year's Resolution for 2007 was to take it seriously and try to get published in a literary journal. So far I've learned a lot more about poetry than I ever imagined. For one, I used to read only the "classics" like Emily Dickinson, Edgar Allen Poe, and Latin poets such as Pablo Neruda. Once I joined a poetry group my world was opened to Tony Hoagland, Li Young Lee, Mary Oliver, and so on. As a result of these discoveries I try to support poets who are still living.
There's one chapbook I keep picking up and putting down in an independent book-store titled something like "Explaining the Theory of Relativity to the Cat." I would like to buy it but it is $8.00 for a chapbook that is STAPLED together. I can get all kinds of books with beautiful, normal, bindings for that price or cheaper. I know it isn't the poet pricing it, it is produced by a small press of some kind. However, $8.00??? Are you nuts?? Who do they really think will buy it? I might pony up 5 bucks, but I'd say 4$ or less should be the norm for a stapled chapbook. Anyway. That is my random comment for Saturday.
Look forward to seeing you tomorrow when we discuss another living poet!

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