Monday, October 15, 2007

Poems For All

This web-site is really spectacular in that it is artistic, fun, and free, just like the Beard of Bees Press.
This site is titled Poems For All and is based out of Sacramento, California where a one-man show literally prints up tiny poetry booklets. They are business card sized booklets, folded in half, containing the poet’s poem(s) inside. The man in charge creates the cover of the booklets and then distributes them for free all around the city. There is also an on-line submission page should you feel so inspired to submit a poem of your own and see if published in this way. The covers are clever and colorful, the poems are also divine. I submitted a poem of mine already, we’ll see if it ever gets taken up… In the mean-time, check out the site and enjoy!

Thanks for stopping in and I’ll see you tomorrow to discuss another passed poet…

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