Saturday, October 13, 2007

Luna Park Literary Review

“Luna Park is a review of little and literary magazines begun in 2007 as a blog. We regularly feature excerpts from little magazines, reviews of little magazines, exciting Found works from the magazines, interviews, and essays about the history of little magazines. The name Luna Park is taken from the title of a fictional French literary magazine in a short story by the Chilean novelist and poet, Roberto Bolano. Luna Park is on the review media list at CLMP and is serialized in print form in The Burger.”

That’s straight from the horse’s mouth! I think this is a fantastic place to go if you are hoping to subscribe to a literary magazine. You can see if they have already featured it or you can contact them and ask if they know anything about it. They may even invite you to provide reviews for them if you have something to say about a literary magazine. Check them out at:

Stop by tomorrow to learn about a featured poet live and writing…


Editor, Luna Park said...

It's true, we are always looking for good reviews, interviews, or essays of the literary magazine world. Thanks for mentioning us on Poet Hound.

Editor, Luna Park

Poet Hound said...

You are very welcome. I check the Luna Park Review daily and you are an excellent resource for anyone like myself trying to wade through a dizzying array of literary magazines. Congrats on a fantastic site!