Friday, October 19, 2007

Poetry Tips: Mix and Match

It may be that you have enough poems under your belt that there are similar themes, subjects, words, etc. Many poets have taken two poems and place them together in many shapes and forms. Some have two separate poems side by side on the page so that it is easier to decipher that they are different. Others use spacing and indents while alternating stanzas of two similar poems so that you may not realize two separate poems are co-existing peacefully on the same page. Either way, it is a great exercise in creativity and can be quite fruitful in producing new poems. Good luck, and may the Muse whisper often in your ear.

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Now that I’ve gone deep down the “rabbit hole” that is the World of Poetry I was ecstatic to stumble onto this site. PRESS PRESS PRESS features nothing but the newest poetry books out from small presses. Please by all means support these little presses and their poets by checking them out at:

Thanks for glancing in and please come by tomorrow for a fantastic interview with Laurel Snyder who has her very first book of poems out from PRESS PRESS PRESS.

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