Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Poetry by Poet Hound

I did not have time to comprise another Punctured Poetry edition, they are more difficult to do than I first imagined so I am back posting my own rough drafts until I come up with more. As always, you are welcome to submit your own poems to poethoundblospotATyahooDOTcom. Until then, enjoy…


Dry and boring, it shrivels
on the back porch to the sound
of drip-drop-drip
of scattered rain,
bland color sucking
in the sunny disposition
of peaches fat and nestled
in the splintered wicker bowl.

Oh, and P.S. I am currently trying to get Shail Patel’s attention to post his poems from POETRY the October issue. These are Patel’s first published poems from what the bio in POETRY says and if he does finally answer my e-mail, I will happily post them on an upcoming Sunday for a live writing poet feature.

Thanks for dropping by. Tomorrow we will feature another open submissions!

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