Friday, February 1, 2008

Poetry Tips: Journals with Customer Service

Now for those of you who are rather new to submitting, like myself, I thought you might like to be let in on those journals/sites that provide more personal service when it comes to acceptance/rejection slips.
There are more places to submit poems than I can ever count, but for the ones I have submitted to, there are several who are very kind and if you are looking for someone who actually pays attention and acknowledges you personally, I suggest submitting to these:

Nerve Cowboy
Right Hand Pointing
Lilliput Review

So far, these three take the time to address you as an individual, not just a formatted response. I am sure there are other journals out there like them, I just haven’t found them all yet. The above mentioned all have links on my sidebar so you can check them out to your heart’s content!
Also, once I decided to subscribe to Nerve Cowboy I have received a short, hand-written note from the Editor expressing his desire that he hopes I enjoy the issue. Now how many journals have ever done that for you? This one is a first for me!

Thanks for stopping in, I will see you tomorrow…


Issa's Untidy Hut said...


Thank you very much for the kind words about Lilliput - I always try to make some kind of human contact. Also, always open for good short work.

Have a good week away.

Don @ Lilliput Review

Poet Hound said...

You are welcome and I happen to be sending some poems your way. I hope you have a wonderful week, too!