Sunday, January 27, 2008

Dana Gioia’s Daily Horoscope

Mr. Gioia was born in 1950 in L.A. and pursued a career in business while having studied Literature in college. He also met and studied with Elizabeth Bishop and Robert Fitzgerald as mentioned in the biography. I picked up his book, Daily Horoscopes, published by Graywolf Press. It happened to be a rainy day when I sat down to read it, and turns out this book has quite a few poems that are just perfect for a rainy day. “Today will be…” is a great poem for a rainy day with lines such as “And lying in the warm half-darkness, wish/ for any of the dreams you left, convinced/ that any change would be an argosy-…” I also enjoy “4. Beware of Things in Duplicate…” which describes things in pairs to be a sort of bad omen. Conveniently, Mr. Gioia has his own website that I have provided a link to below and features poems from his published books for you to look through at your leisure. As always, I hope you find him on the book shelves and pick up his words.

Thanks for reading and supporting living poets, please stop by tomorrow for another poetry web-site…

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