Saturday, February 2, 2008

Away for a Week

Hello all, I am sorry to say I will be away on a business trip for a full week and will have to get back to our regularly scheduled program on February 9th. Until then, feel free to peruse my blog, the links on the side, or check back in on February 9th.

For new visitors, the typical agenda is as such:

Sundays: Living Poets
Mondays: Poetry web-sites
Tuesdays: Poets that have passed away
Wednesdays: Links to great poems around the web
Thursdays: Journals/web-sites open to submissions of poems
Fridays: Poetry Tips
Saturdays: A poetry blogger is featured

Thanks for dropping in, I will see you again February 9th!


Talia said...

Oh darn, well enjoy your trip.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I was wondering on your spare time if you could check out the poetry site I made and see if it is worth posting on your site. Also if you write any poems yourself your welcome to post them on my site. It would be an honor. Peace.