Friday, May 25, 2012

Read a Good Book: Pat Conroy's Beach Music

A friend of mine recommended this book which she offered as a book-on-tape and I absolutely loved every minute of it. Beach Music centers around the suicide of Shiloh McCall and the effects it has on her family and friends. Shiloh has committed suicide as a result of the voices in her head finally overwhelming her and is instantly forgiven by her loved ones, though it does create turmoil that creates ripple effects throughout the book. Her husband, Jack McCall, is the main character who takes their daughter, Leah, to Rome until he is called back by his mother’s illness.

What ensues is a love story to the South that encompasses the beautiful descriptions of the landscapes and wildlife accompanied by the varied characters of Jack McCall’s family and friends who all grew up in the small town located in South Carolina. Jack’s brothers provide comic relief, especially John Hardin whose schizophrenic episodes turn all of life’s daily events on their ear, and the other brothers’ reactions to John Hardin.

Jack’s friends begin to reconcile the events that caused them to split apart in their college years once they are reunited in South Carolina. Mike Hess, now a movie producer, sets the stage for reconciliation between a friend who went missing and the father who believes and hopes is still dead and also kindles a new love interest for Jack as he begins working on a writing project with their beautiful and kind childhood friend.
There is something for everyone in this novel; it is witty, humorous, dark, poignant, and breathtaking. It is the kind of summer reading that endures long after it is finished and perfect for anyone who has felt love and loss.

You may be able to find this novel in your local library and you may also purchase a copy for yourself through Pat Conroy’s website by going here:

Pat Conroy has written many novels including: The Prince of Tides, The Water is Wide, and My Losing Season and more. To go to his main page, go to:

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