Thursday, May 24, 2012

Konundrum Engine Literary Review Open Submissions

Copy-and-pasted details below:
Manners are important: before submitting, please have a gander at the site and the poetry in the archives. If you’d like to submit your work, please send your name, contact and biographical information, and two to three poems, pasted into the body of an email, for consideration. Do not send attachments. our Poetry Editors get too attached to things as it is. We will respond to submissions within two months. Courier is not a pretty font. That’s for the record.

Read our Features sections. Get the idea. Got something good to share with all the world? Send it in.

We'd like to get back to you as soon as possible, but you know how it is, what with the casino debt, the narcotics anonymous meetings, the nice, welcoming embrace of our mattresses. So wait, OK, Mr. or Ms. Ants-in-your-Pants? Simultaneous submissions are ok, as long as you let us know ASAP that the piece is being published somewhere else.

We get "First Serial and Electronic Rights." Publication rights revert back to the author, of course. We also hold the right to keep the work in our archives for the duration of the site. If the piece is first published here on the Konundrum Engine Literary Review, acknowledge us if it is subsequently re-published. Giving props is good. And yes, all work is subject to editing.

Note: We do not accept submissions between Memorial Day and Labor Day. It's summer. Go outside.

Be sure to submit before May 28th! For more details, go to:

Good luck to all who submit, please drop by tomorrow for a Read a Good Book Review…

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