Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lilliput Review Issue #178

This latest collection includes poems about poems, late evenings and moonlight, and Zen filled moments. As always, I enjoyed a great many poems and can only share a small portion, I hope you enjoy them:

I forget the words
yet I remember the poem,

it is what carried me away from here
in the first place.

By: Charlie Mehrhoff of Oakland, Maine

The first two lines definitely struck a chord with me, how about you? Often you can remember a poem but not all of its exact words. The second two lines give it a sense of adventure, a poem that beckoned across the miles for you to explore outside your daily comfort zone. Thank you, Mr. Mehrhoff, for a short poem that hits the proverbial nail on the head.

the face
I prepared
the firmness slipped
and Buddha crept in

By: Sanford Goldstein from Shibata-Shi, Japan

I picture a face hardened by life, then softened by the teachings of Buddha. I imagine enlightenment shining from the poet’s eyes.

old tombstone—

“life is long/eternity short”
reading it twice

By: John Elsberg of Arlington, Virginia

Yes, I too, read this twice. Then I read it again. Such a vivid picture and insight in so few words, don’t you agree? You cannot help but wonder how the phrase “life is long/eternity short” came into being from the loved ones honoring their departed. Food for thought, don’t you agree?

I hope you enjoyed a short sample of this issue, each issue is $1.00 for those of you who would like a copy for yourself.
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