Thursday, October 15, 2009

Juked Open Submissions

Juked is a quirky journal that accepts poetry and non-fiction, I’m a fan of what they publish on their web-site as I’m sure you’ve noticed by now in the Poems Found by Poet Hound features.
While they accept on-line e-mailed submissions they do ask that it be as a .rtf or .doc and to address your e-mail heading according to genre (Poetry). The Poetry Editor is Lindsay Walker, you may send up to five poems, simultaneous submissions are acceptable as long as you notify the editor if your poems are accepted elsewhere so you may e-mail your submissions and include a brief bio to:

For more details, go to:

Good luck to all who submit!

I will be out of town Friday and Monday attending a family reunion in Santa Fe, New Mexico so please drop by again next Tuesday when I return!

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