Monday, October 12, 2009

Instant Books

I found this linked on Ron Silliman’s blog and while it isn’t a poetry site I thought it was interesting, so I urge you to take a look if you haven’t already:

My crafty side wishes I had one of my very own to make up all kinds of weird instant books that no one could possibly be interested in except me, this could be a dangerous machine for certain people. What do you think?

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Tommaso Gervasutti said...

Dear Poet Hound, sorry for commenting on your previous post:

sometimes I memorize a poem or a stanza of it just while rereading it or when it resounds in my mind like a song, as for example:

Fix every impulse like a bolt.
Secure the bastion of sensation.
Don't waver into language.
Don't waver in it.

It's Seamus Heaney, enthusiast working in a country home where he was going to live.
This is superb poetry because it goes straight Beyond words.

Poet Hound said...

I always welcome comments, no apologies needed. I also like the poem you have posted above, it strikes me as a call to arms.

Anonymous said...

While I would not like to see this concept replace traditional bookstores altogether, I do think it can be used to pave the way for lesser known titles that would not typically find their way onto the shelves of the average chain store. The idea that thousands of additional titles could be available without having to expand shelf space should be of particular interest to smaller shops.

Poet Hound said...

I agree, there are some wonderful hole-in-the-wall book shops still out there and this would be a huge help to the owners who can then focus on the more artistic editions of books to sport on their shelves. I have a gorgeously illustrated book of Edgar Allen Poe's stories thanks to such a bookshop.