Friday, January 9, 2009

Poetry Tips: Winter Doldrums

For most people, spring seems a long way off amid the snow, ice, fog, rain, and downright depressing weather. Why not grab pen and paper and a camera and start looking for peeks of color through all that winter white and gray? You may see a bird at the birdfeeder, a clump of red berries frozen in ice, a patch of green grass uncovered in the snow—snap some pictures and use these as inspiration for your next poem.
Or if you prefer to stay indoors, grab a steaming cup of hot chocolate, coffee, or tea and peek out your windows or look to your pets snuggling under the bedspread, snap a shot of the scrabble board while you and your family play for pictures and ideas?

Good luck in your pursuit of writing poetry and please stop by on Monday for another featured site…


Talia said...

Good idea. These days, coffee is my best friend.

Ironically, the word verification for this post is: warmill

Poet Hound said...

Me too, I can't function without my morning coffee and it's a shame because I used to be able to live without coffee for many years before we bought a coffee maker two summers ago.
Love the verification word, hope some warmth spreads your way!