Saturday, December 29, 2007

World Class Poetry Blog with Q&A

Allen and I conversed through e-mail and I asked if he would mind doing a mini-interview about his blog for today's feature and he happily obliged:

Q: What drove you to create a blog and website devoted to poetry?

A: One word - passion.

Q: How long have you had both sites and what do you hope to be able to do by having them?

A: I started the website in 2005 and the blog this year. I've been tinkering with html and Internet marketing since 2001. I wanted to build an online business in 2003, but before I could get anything real solid my National Guard unit was activated (mid-2004) and I spent all of 2005 in Iraq. While in Iraq I found a couple of months in the summer where I had an inordinate amount of free time due to a period of "steady state" operations. It was during those two months that I started the website and built about 10 pages. Then I had a six month period of time when I couldn't work on it at all. I didn't get started again until I got back home. But at that time I had family obligations and I started my business. Those two activities ate up most of my time, but I still took time out when I could to work on the website. It's been hit and miss mostly. I work on it when I can. The blog is something I started because it helps me promote the website and it keeps me writing every day.

Q: Any particular advice for poets out there today?

A: Yeah, I'd say read more than you write and don't worry about getting published until you know for sure that you have something that merits it. Publishing too early will spoil you and make you lazy. The most important thing is to write good literature. If you do that then publication will present itself at the proper time. You have to be patient. Thanks. Let me know if you need anything else. Allen

Thank you Allen, and thank you Poetry fans! Please stop in tomorrow for another living, breathing poet…


poetwarrior said...

Thanks for the great opportunity to be interviewed! I enjoyed our chat. The website is located at

Poet Hound said...

Thanks Allen, I'll add your site to the Recommended Poetry Sites section. :-)