Monday, December 17, 2007

E-Verse Radio

Now this is an awesome web-site! Ernest Hilbert hosts a weekly episode with producer Paul Fleming about poetry and they make it very fun and entertaining. They’ve had episodes about money and poetry, superheroes, the circus, all kinds of interesting things. You can also subscribe to their weekly newsletter and learn when the newest episode is available. If you find you just LOVE them, ask to receive some of their free E-Verse merchandise, and no I am not kidding, it is free! Check these episodes out at:

You won’t be disappointed! Please drop by tomorrow for another lost poet…


E-Verse Radio said...

Dear Poet House, many thanks for the kind words. You have a fine site, and I will add you to my recommended links at E-Verse Radio.

I've also bookmarked you. I'll stop back regularly to see what you're up to.

All best wishes,


Poet Hound said...

Thanks so very much! I will continue to check out your site regularly, too.