Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Poet Hound and a Proposition

Proposing? So soon? Well…yes! For years populations around the world make fun of their best writers, painters, innovators, and famous people. Why not do something similar with poets and their poems? We have Weird Al who makes his own wacky lyrics to popular songs, we have Jay Leno and countless other show hosts who poke fun at the public’s captive eye, and we have folks who make products poking fun at others such as an inflateable “Scream” doll from the famous painting “The Scream.” Most of the people who are the butt of these jokes have one of two reactions: One: They LOVE it and laugh along with it. Or Two: They HATE it and immediately seek revenge.
Well, I am thinking of making my own wacky versions of poems whether they are well known or not. I will feature the original, and then my wacky version of it. A Weird Al of Poetry, if you will. Only, I would be titling it Punctured Poetry. I got the idea from my Dad who will read a poem of mine, then e-mail me a wacky version of it in return. So I thought, why not post something like this on the web? If you have any opinions on this idea, please post them or e-mail me about them. Otherwise, starting next week, I might start trying my hand at it. You will have to see…

For now, we are back to our regularly scheduled program of a Poem By Poet Hound:


Indiana is always cloudy
covered in rain, fog, snow
sometimes more rain,
or less snow, more or less
fog, sun is so scarce
our neighbors blink
disbelieving and sneezing,
they curse backwards into their
homes. After all, no one’s
seen color quite like
this but once a year
on the Fourth of July.

Please also remember that I am perfectly happy to feature poems by other readers. Whether you are a published poet or not, please feel free to post or e-mail poems for submission. As always, must be less than 50 lines, no profanity, pornography, or overtly religious poems. Thank you! Don’t forget to let me know whether you would like to see Punctured Poetry.

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