Monday, October 1, 2007

Beard of Bees Small Press Web-Site

This web-site publishes chapbooks on-line. It’s a great site because you can download all of the chapbooks for free and print them out for yourself. You can submit a collection of poems of your own to this small press in hopes of publication, and they publish more often than most small presses. If you look at their list of chapbooks, you’ll see they publish a chapbook between every month/ every other month. There were 9 chapbooks published in all for the year 2006. There is a wide variety of poems published and you will never grow bored looking through them. Once you find a favorite chapbook, print it and share it. The best part is, you can refer your friends and family to the site if you enjoy a particular poet or if you have been published yourself because all of it is available for free. Use the web-site below to check them out, and I will also add them to the Recommended Sites list. See you tomorrow for a poet who grew up in South Side Chicago…

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