Thursday, September 6, 2007

Small Presses

The small press is a godsend to many poets and poetry lovers. Without them we wouldn't have nearly the range of poems that we see on bookshelves or in internet stores. Small presses are basically small versions of publishing houses.
Sometimes it is run by just one person who may be stapling chapbooks together and distributing them to independent book-stores, or having chapbooks and regular books "perfect bound" and asking a distribution company to help distribute them. Some are larger and produce more than one book a year. Either way, they are heavily relied upon to spread the diversity of poets' writing throughout the world.
Some small presses are:
Marjie/IntuiT House, Wings Press, Dancing Girl Press, Beard of Bees, and Counterpath Press. The majority of this list came from a Poets & Writers magazine featuring the small press. There are hundreds more to be listed. Part of the reason I run this blog is to show people small presses to help them find poetry they may be missing in the stores, and to help small presses get their name and recognition out there. I am unable to produce the web-links for all of these at this time, I happened to get up early enough to post some of this before work started. I will, however, be able to attach Beard of Bees' press to the web links on the side of the page.
Visit the small presses and send them a wink and a smile, thanks for checking in!

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