Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Poetry groups

For those of you brave enough to share your love of poetry whether it be reading or writing then poetry groups may be just the thing for you. You can enter those words in Google or any search engine, along with your town/city and state and see if anything crops up. You can also type in "meet-ups" and unite with other bloggers, or people in your town who share the same interest.
I joined a poetry group this past January, absolutely none of us knew each other beforehand, and it worked out very well. The only reason the group no longer exists is because every single person moved away to another state by May. I learned about new poets, how work-shops work, how long people had been trying to get published, and how to write better poems. It is one of the best chances I've ever taken. I highly recommend going if you want to share your love of poetry with other people, and especially if you enjoy writing poems.
Thanks for reading, maybe I'll see you in another meet-up.

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