Saturday, September 22, 2007

Silliman's Blog

Saturdays, for the time being until I run out, will be dedicated to Poetry Blogs. I will only feature those that are current. As in, the blogger is STILL writing in them. I’ve looked at quite a few that are running only to discover no one has written in them since 2005 or, stopped writing back in May 2007. No, you don’t need to waste your time looking at those.

I will be shocked if you haven’t already stumbled onto Ron Silliman’s blog at:
Mainly because he has been read by over one million people and I am just starting out. Ron Silliman is a published poet who speaks much more eloquently on the subject of poetry than I ever will. He is the professional in the industry and can clue you in to news articles regarding poetry as well as his own articles on criticism (all constructive, of course). I highly recommend visiting his site every day as there are always new and interesting things to learn. He has been blogging for five years or so and is therefore an experienced blogger to be taken seriously. Please check out his blog and thanks for stopping by. Tomorrow we will feature a fun-loving poet, see you then.

Also, an up-dated weekly outlook on Poet Hound:
Sunday: Living Poets Featured
Monday: Cool Web-Sites related to Poetry
Tuesday: Great Poets who have Passed Away
Wednesday: A Poem by Poet Hound OR by You, the audience
Thursday: Journals/Publishers Open to Submissions for Your Poetry
Friday: Poetry Tips/Ideas
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