Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A Call for Submissions

Good morning everyone!
Poet Hound would like to make Wednesdays, and perhaps Saturdays, a day to feature poems by other poets. If you would like, you may submit one poem per month to:
poethoundblogspotATyahooDOTcom (written this way to avoid e-mail harvesting spam bots)

No profanity, pornography, or overtly religious poems, and nothing over 50 lines in length. I will reply to everyone as quickly as I can but the answers may be exceedingly short depending on the amount of poems submitted. Yes, it may be previously published.

Please include a brief note about yourself and whether you have any chapbooks/books available for purchase and where they can be obtained if applicable. I am always a fan of supporting poets. It would be wonderful if poets could make a real living off their writing alone. Anything I can do to help that along I will do. If you are a beginning poet, you'll be considered, also. I wish you all the best luck for the long haul.

Thanks, and please submit, the first poem will be published Wednesday, Sept. 26th.

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