Thursday, August 23, 2007

Small town poets vs. big city poets

I often wonder how many advantages big city poets have over small town poets, and vice versa. For example, big city poets may have more chances to perform at poetry readings, find fellow poets and meet, go to poet-related events, and so on... But what about small town poets? Well, some local newspapers will publish local folks' poetry and recipes, and I lived in such a town not too long ago. In fact, I published a poem about my Grandpa and his friends in a local small town newspaper and some of the people went out of their way to tell my Grandpa and his friends that they were now famous. Isn't that cute? Literally tens of people saw that poem and they tell my Grandpa that he's "famous", isn't that great?? So is it like that for big city poets? Do they get a chance at publishing in their city's paper and have people coming up to them or their loved ones saying they're famous? I've yet to find out. I've moved about an hour away and I'm still not in a big city, but at least it's fairly large compared to where I was. Any musings on the advantages/disadvantages for the lives of either small or large city poets?

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