Monday, August 20, 2007

Fun and Easy, Lunch Poems

Today we are talking about Frank O'Hara. It's a shame he has passed away, but he has left behind some very readable poetry. So for those of you who haven't dipped your toe in the Ocean of Poetry, here's a great guy to start with. His book called Lunch Poems focuses on his usual walks to various favorite places to eat lunch in New York, commenting on all the wonders of the city before finally making it to the lunch counter. Some are fun, some are sad, but all are easily digestable in short little scenic vignettes. The book itself is small and bright orange, and can fit easily in your lunch sack, your picnic basket, or even a purse or briefcase. It is much loved by poets and poetry readers everywhere, you will be sure to enjoy it, too. If you want a sample of his poems, go to and type his name in the search box. Several of his poems are there along with a brief bio. The poems "Rhapsody" and "A Step Away From Them" are in the Lunch Poems book.
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