Saturday, April 27, 2013

Pledge to Support Alternating Current

Leah Angstman of Alternating Current is seeking support to keep her vital and valuable small press running. I have made my pledge and I urge you to please watch the video on the link below and make a pledge. Stick with the small press, editors like Leah Angstman aren't afraid to take on new writers and that is so vital to all writers' and readers' survival of receiving fresh perspectives, poems, stories, and revelations.

Please click and follow the link below:


Leah Angstman said...

Thank you so much for posting, Poet Hound! You rock! I hope you will decide to donate, future friends. It would mean the world to one struggling independent press that desperately needs you to keep rockin' out the written word. There's a video on the page that explains so much! You can see me be a dork, laugh, fumble through humor attempts, read a poem, and then, if you stay until the end, you will be rewarded with my tears. Yes, you, too, can watch me cry for your money! :)

Leah Angstman

Shannon Baker said...

It sounds like an interesting series. I will check it out