Thursday, April 26, 2012

Anti Open Submissions

I have copied-and-pasted straight from the website for you:
Submission Guidelines

Send 3-7 original, unpublished poems as a single attachment (Word .doc or RTF) to Either in the file or the body of the e-mail, include a cover letter with your name, contact information, a contributor-note biography of 50 words or less, and a statement of 50 words or less on what you’re against in poetry. This statement can be general or specific to your submitted poems, serious or tongue in cheek, broad or ridiculously minute. It needs to be something you want to appear on your page if we accept your work. Poems will be considered for both issue and featured writer slots.

The Fine Print
We are open for submission throughout the year, with occasional short breaks that will be posted here. Be sure you’re a reader of contemporary poetry. We love simultaneous submissions as long as you notify us if a poem is accepted elsewhere. We consider translations if you can provide the original version as well (and we will consider exceptions for good reasons). We ask for first serial rights, and copyright remains with the author. Anything that has appeared in an online or print journal is previously published. Posting drafts to an online workshop or blog is not previously published provided they’re removed prior to submission. Anything the editor can Google is previously published. Please do not send work more than once per six months unless we request otherwise. Please send a file attachment as requested above, not a link to a saved file. Don’t ever send revisions of work still under consideration. Revisions to work already accepted are at the discretion of the editor. Please feel free to query if you do not hear back from us within two months. If your first impulse reading these guidelines was to ask if we pay, we are likely not the place for you.
To learn more about Anti and to explore their website and poems, go to:

Good luck to all who enter, please drop in again next week…

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