Tuesday, March 13, 2012

MPS, SNIPERS AND CRIME by David S. Pointer

David S. Pointer pulls no punches in this collection of poems published by White Knights Press. MPS, SNIPERS AND CRIME speaks of the less pleasant realities of life, the nitty gritty and the dark shockwaves that roll in are all portrayed in these poems. David S. Pointer served in the Marine military police and is the son of a piano playing bank robber. These poems paint his life in shadows brought to light. Below, a couple of poems to wrap your head around:

Oncoming Crime Facts

I knew about my
deceased father’s
easy find fortunes
from Missouri banks, but
that dash under a table
retrieving my superball
overhearing grandpa-
the first he’d ever
uttered on about any
murder-suddenly, I
could see a victim
being eaten out of
his hunting pants by
forest predators: my
dad now six years
dead had those deeds
shining back from
the grave like

This poem seems an easy read and as it sinks in, takes on that dark sheen like the sharkskin noted at the end. To be the son of such a man must leave one’s head reeling and sometimes the only way to deal with the complexities is to place it in simple black and white terms.

Traffic Call-In
(MCLB, Albany, GA 1980)

My military polic
supervisor pulled
my new girlfriend
over for imaginary
speeding. He wanted
sex and got a “Sir
no thanks” from the
driver’s side window.
My supervisor, Sgt.
Jerrold’s radioed a
patrol unit to trade
places with me on
my duty gate. I was
ordered to Sgt. Jerrold’s
location where I was
ordered to write my
own girlfriend a traffic
ticket without ever
seeing her “speed” or
operate a moving
vehicle. I politely
refused not yet
knowing the full
details feeling the
sabotage from the
senior supervisor,
feeling a seismic
shift in my future
tactical thinking,
feeling the loss
when my girlfriend
later told me she
didn’t feel “safe
driving on base to
see me anymore.”

This scenario is an absolute nightmare and again the complexities of the situation are left in the simple black and white terms with no fanciful words or extra back-story. Stark and upsetting, the poet and his new relationship is tested in terms that could never be foreseen. I wonder now what happened to the pair.

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