Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Agapornis Swinderniana by Paula Cary with Give-Away

Today I’m posting about my first chapbook collection of poems! This won’t be a review: I just wanted to celebrate my first collection with a give-away!
Kristy Bowen at Dancing Girl Press did a fantastic job and I was thrilled when I received my chapbooks in the mail. Agapornis Swinderniana is a collection of love poems by yours truly and I hope you’ll enjoy them. I’ll feature a sample poem below. I’d also like to thank Henry Denander who did the cover art, two love birds on a branch, as it is beautiful and simple all at once. You can see the cover when you click on the link below to purchase or take a peek at my chapbook which has an additional sample poem.

The Forbidden Breakfast

Sweet tangy chocolate covered cheesecake
Softened onto our tongues
Drizzled with earthy-rich coffee
Sipped from our oversize red mugs
As morning sun spills
Onto the table, halo-ing
Our breakfast like an angel’s choir
We revel in adulthood
Our mothers told us no ice cream for breakfast
And now we feast on such treats
We lift them up into the sunlight
Turning them sideways towards our mouths
Our smiles sticky sweet
We’re happy and giddy
Like the five year olds
Our inner children are.

If you enjoyed this sample poem and would like a copy you have a chance to score a free copy by leaving a simple “I want to win” comment in the comments section or sending an e-mail titled “I want to win” with your name in the body of the e-mail to poethoundblogspotATyahooDOTcom. The drawing will be March 11th and announced that very day which is a Sunday!

Or you can purchase a copy for yourself by going to Dancing Girl Press and pick up a copy of Agapornis Swinderniana by yours truly, Paula Cary, for $7.00 at:

Good luck to all who enter the contest!
Thanks always for reading and for your support! If you’d like to send a chapbook or book of poems to me for review, please send me an e-mail at poethoundblogspotATyahooDOTcom.

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Jim Murdoch said...

Not a big fan of gooeyness—the food scene in Tom Jones does nothing for me and the same goes for the fig scene in Women in Love and don’t get me started on the fridge scene in 9½ Weeks—but I do like the idea underlying this poem because once I became an adult (legally at least) there were quite a few instances of me letting my inner child out because there was no one, as you say, to tell you that you—as my wife pointed out to me only a few weeks back—can’t have chips for breakfast. Or ice cream and cheesecake.

I think love poetry is hard to write well and the best kind—in my opinion—is like this, that attacks the subject at an angle; it’s the difference between the artificiality of posed photos and candid snaps.

Poet Hound said...

Thank you for sharing your similar indulgence in child-free and care-free chips or ice cream for breakfast. I agree with you on love poems being difficult to write that don't sound sappy or trite. I'm so glad to see you drop in on my blog, I've been reading yours but need to be more active in commenting, also1