Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Issue #181 Lilliput Review

In this issue editor Don Wentworth gathers up rainy days, droning insects, and lonely souls into a beautiful and cathartic collection to be enjoyed on a day when you just aren’t “feeling up to it.” Below I am happy to share a short sample:

static in my head
crickets rub hind legs
in Buddha rhythm

By: A. D. Winans of San Franciso, CA

This poem reminds me of those dog days of summer where you drown out your thoughts and clear your mind while sitting on an old blanket in the grass and listen to the crickets, I miss those days.

cook, i.e.
where your thoughts meet your brainstem
where your brainstem meets the map of
forever on your back
where your forever map meets mortality

that is where i want to sleep
burrow into hide inside of hibernate within
with a box of pomegranate seeds and a bear cub
and a cherry pie with crust right out of hansel’s oven

by: Kennedy Cane

This poem makes me want to cocoon myself into blankets with the love of my life. I love the idea of sleeping where your loved one’s thoughts meet mortality/immortality, then the poet brings in the comfort food of cherry pie from the innocent hansel’s oven from the fairy tale. It is a whimsical poem that gets you thinking about what the poet is or is not truly saying.



cracked (old)

by: Ed Baker of Takoma Park, MD

I picture the poet sitting by the kitchen window at midnight as he sips hot tea, trying to ease his troubled mind. A lovely snapshot poem.

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