Tuesday, August 16, 2011

David E. Oprava's Viral Book y?

y? is published by Grievous Jones Press in the United Kingdom, this particular collection of poetry is being sent around the world from individual to individual by good old fashioned word of mouth and snail mail.

I won’t be posting any poems in their entirety here, I have not contacted Mr. Oprava or Grievous Jones Press for permission and feel that I’m long overdue to present a Tuesday Feature post.

I will say that this collection is imaginative in combining symbols for titles and poems that have layers of meaning. Words are broken down so that you can read them as one word or as a phrase: “image a nation” is one example.

The poems are eclectic, lively, and radical. One poem’s beginning line really caught my attention: “Art broke up w/ God”

Such lines spin the imagination and this collection of poetry certainly does. I highly recommend finding a copy for yourself or finding a way to become part of the chain of people sending this collection from individual to individual at Grievous Jones Press.

Mr. Oprava himself is an American currently living in the U.K. and has published three other full length collections such as VS. with Erbacce Press and has published poems in countless journals. His website is easy to navigate and I quite enjoyed reading his bio.
To learn more about Mr. Oprava, check out his web-site here:


To learn more about participating in the viral-book concept or to get a copy of y? for yourself, visit Grievous Jones Press:


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