Friday, July 15, 2011

Poetry Tips: Fan Letters

These days I doubt many people write letters but e-mails accomplish the same thing. If you are a poet chances are there are poets who have inspired you, living and dead.

If any of the poets you admire are living, I challenge you to write them a fan letter or e-mail depending on how accessible the poet is. Let them know which poems are your favorite, let them know what collections you have or journals you’ve seen their work in. All poets and writers crave positive feedback on their hard work and if you truly enjoy someone’s work why not let them know?

For poets who are no longer with us, you can still write a fan letter that you keep for yourself or write a letter as a tribute to them. Of course, you can always write a tribute poem as well.

Good luck to all of you who write fan letters this week, please drop in again next week…


H. said...

To Albert Huffstickler,
Your writing made the world a richer and more beautiful place!


Poet Hound said...

Nicely said!