Friday, July 22, 2011

New Friday Feature Suggestion

I have to admit that coming up with Poetry Tips each week has become increasingly difficult. I’ve been trying to think up a new feature to replace it with and would like some feedback from you about this idea:

Read A Good Book Fridays

I enjoy a wide range of subjects and genres and thought that I could recommend books I’ve enjoyed reading that are not related to poetry. From finance books to short story writers to novels, there would be plenty to feature there.

So let me know if you think it’s a go!

Thanks for dropping in and please stop in again next week…


Jim Murdoch said...

Why not? Not that I need any more book recommendations. But go for it.

Art Durkee said...

Go for it, I say. It's always interesting to learn what other folks think is good reading.

marco218 said...

Poetry on poetry on poetry ... a guaranteed drag.

As long as your reading list relates to -you- or your work as a poet, why restrict yourself in the first place?

In short ... ditto me in.

Poet Hound said...

Thank you gentleman,
I think this will be an exciting new addition to the blog and I feel it is a great way to energize this blog so please keep me posted once this ball gets rolling.
Thank you,