Thursday, July 7, 2011

Coconut Poetry Open Submissions

The reading period is March through September so you have plenty of time to check out the on-line journal and read some poems to get a feel of their aesthetic before e-mailing your submissions. You may send 3-8 poems by copy-and-pasting into the body of the e-mail to:
submit AT coconutpoetry DOT org

I recommend heading your subject line as follows: Poetry Submission/Last Name

No simultaneous submissions, please, and they do also ask that you allow four months for review of your submission.

For more details, go to:

Good luck to all who submit, please drop in tomorrow for more Poetry Tips…

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I've never heard of this journal. Their website looks very juvenile - all lower-case font, messy layout, bright pink/yellow everywhere. Not very professional, IMO. Is this an e-zine, or do they have a print version? Their site is not clear on this.

Also, it amazes me that in this day and age, some journals still have a "no simultaneous submissions" policy. Especially when response time is a whopping 4 months! Maybe The New Yorker can get away with that, but not a bottom-barrel journal like this. They're kidding themselves.