Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lilliput Review Issue #180

This issue melts even the coldest of hearts, walks you down the hard-to-find paths of life and leaves you with poems that bring a sense of renewal and spirituality. I have marked so many poems that I would essentially be reproducing the entire issue so it is with great restraint that I share only a few of the poems below:

Holding on to nothing,
it is taking all
that I have got

by: Charlie Mehrhoff of Oakland, ME

Powerful short poem by Mr. Mehrhoff, I think of it as a poem in which the poet is trying to let go of something that should have been let go of long ago whether it is a memory, a feeling, or an object tied up in emotional attachment.

No Path

Sometimes there is no path through the woods
And that is the way you must travel home
Sometimes there is no home on the other side of the woods
And that is where you must live

By: Buff Whitman-Bradlye of Kentfield, CA

This poem could be a metaphor for so many journeys in life, I will let you fasten it to your own journey.


I reach deep
inside the night, pull out demons
by the tail like ropes
but find they’re knotted tightly round
my intentions

By: Gary LeBell of Cumming, GA

This poems made me say “YES” aloud. Yes, how often we try to do or say the right thing and our intentions backfire in day to day life. Wonderful poem!

I hope you enjoyed this small sample, I could easily have included a half dozen more but urge you to read this collection for yourself. If you would like a copy for yourself, issues are a mere $1.00 by Paypal and you can peruse Don Wentworth’s wonderful blog by going to:


Thanks always for reading, please drop in on Thursday for more Open Submissions…


Don Wentworth said...

Thanks, once again, PC, for your generosity. Don @ Lilliput Review.

Poet Hound said...

Dear Don,
Always my pleasure, I look forward to receiving Past All Traps!