Friday, April 29, 2011

Autumn House Poetry Contest

If you have a collection of poems and/or a manuscript started, this may be the contest for you! You will need 50-80 pages worth of poems and a $25.00 entry fee to enter, the prize is publication of your collection and $2,500. Include a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope so you can find out your results, include the entry fee by attaching it to your manuscript, and when mailing your manuscript indicate “Poetry Prize” on the envelope so that it will be directed to the correct editor. The deadline is June 30th so polish up your poems and your manuscript before sending to:

Autumn House Press
PO Box 60100
Pittsburgh, PA 15211

There is also an on-line submission link with a way to “donate” the $25.00 entry fee if that is more convenient for you.

Check out details and learn more about Autumn House by using the link below:

Good luck to all who enter…

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