Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Lilliput Review Issue #177

I will be renewing my subscription to Lilliput Review because I’m always fully satisfied by what I find in each issue. This particular issue is filled with Autumn, Winter, and philosophical gems that sent lovely shivers down my spine. I am happy to share a few treasures with you:

garden twine his beadless rosary

By: John Martone of Charleston, IL

One-line poems can be difficult to “pull off” but this one struck my heart because I collect rosaries. I imagine an older gentleman carefully tending his garden with twine, saying prayers to the soil for a fruitful harvest. Your imagination can take you wherever you like with this short but beautiful poem, thank you Mr. Martone, for this little gem.

Good bye my love
For a night at Fuzan spring
I was your wife.
Now until the end of the world
I demand that you forget me.

By: Yosano Akiko, translated by Dennis Maloney

Isn’t this a beautiful and heart-wrenching poem? A night of passion, love, tenderness, and then a lifetime spent trying to forget. Isn’t this what poets dream of experiencing and writing about?


I am torn.
I am torn between preferring
quarter-moons to be drawn
with the scooped-out
part facing left
versus the scooped-out part
facing right.

By: Wayne Hogan of Cookeville, TN

Wayne Hogan’s drawings are often in Lilliput Review and Nerve Cowboy, two journals I enjoy subscribing to. I imagine Mr. Hogan setting down to a blank page and puzzling over his moons, drawing several before settling on the perfect one. I also picture young children puzzling over the same and Mr. Hogan forming their puzzled concentrations into this poem.

If you enjoyed these poems, please consider purchasing a copy for yourself, each issue is only $1.00 and small enough to tuck into your pants pocket. If you’d like to subscribe, you can use the Paypal link at Lilliput Review’s blog:


Subscriptions can be had for $1.00 an issue, or 6 issues for $5.00, or 15 issues for $10.00, very reasonable wouldn’t you say?

Editor Don Wentworth has been editing and publishing Lilliput Review for over 20 years and I highly recommend his journal to all of you.

Thanks always for reading, please click in tomorrow for more Poems Found by Poet Hound…

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