Friday, October 1, 2010

Poetry Tips: Memorize One Poem

I know I’ve put this up in the past but this is one I think is important. There is a poem out there that speaks to you and it is one you need to learn and carry with you in your memory. There will be times when you have trouble putting feelings into words and this poem will bring you comfort or joy.

My personal favorite is by Emily Dickinson and it starts “A poor torn heart, a tattered heart…”

How about you?

Good luck to all who endeavor to memorize, please stop in again next week…


Jim Murdoch said...

I don't think I have Larkin's 'Mr Bleaney' in my head word for word but I have enough of it there. It's a poem I've never been able to shake (nor wanted to) from the very first time I read it.

I'm very bad at remembering poetry, even my own.

Poet Hound said...

I admit I am terrible at remembering my own poems, too. I hesitate to tell people I write poetry because they inevitably ask me to recite one and I just stand there with my mouth open and my eyes skyward as I try to rack my memory. Not very appealing, surely. I will have to look up Mr. Blearney though, thanks for sharing!

Jim Murdoch said...

Here's a good annotated version of the poem. It has always been my goal to write my 'Mr Bleaney'.