Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lilliput Review Issue #175

Don Wentworth’s issue brings the hint of Fall and its colors, vegetables, cool air. It was nearly impossible to pinpoint just a few poems to share with you. Every page brings a breath of fresh cool air into the lungs and so I hope you will enjoy the following:

that snap in the air,
some other poet
has broken the language

By: Charlie Mehrhoff, Oakland ME

If this poem doesn’t inspire you to write, I don’t know what will! Also, it makes me want to run outside and feel that snap in the air.

the rain owl’s recurrent question,
Who cooks for you?
Who cooks for you all?

By: Andy Fogle, Niskayuna NY

In the woods I have heard owls and I love the spin of phrase Andy Fogle creates, now I’ll think of these lines when the owls hoot and it fits perfectly. For the record, owls, my husband cooks for us all.

Simple Pleasures Moon

This is the season to honor the pumpkin, butternut squash,
This is a time for
barely cooked with dates and fennel,
for the last green apple and the first
cranberry. Sit over coffee,
warm your hands around a round cup.
Say to yourself you are happy as the night’s antlers
drift past you.

By: Mary McGinnis, Santa Fe NM

This poem makes me hungry and excited for Thanksgiving. I also love the ending lines of “the night’s antlers/drift past you” which is a beautiful metaphor of the night air changing with the seasons.

If I wander with sorrow :: won’t I hear all the news

By: Grant Hackett, Great Barrington MA

I always enjoy Mr. Hackett’s one-line poems, I’m quite jealous of his talent in fact. Isn’t his poem a poignant truism?

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Issa's Untidy Hut said...


Thanks once again for your kindness in passing on what you enjoy to your readers. I very much appreciate it.

Don @ Lilliput Review.

Poet Hound said...

Always a pleasure to read the latest issues, looking forward to more.