Thursday, August 5, 2010

Right Hand Pointing Open Submissions

Straight from the e-mail I received:

2010 has been a busy year here in the editorial offices of Right Hand
Pointing/Left Hand Waving. We recently fought off a hostile takeover by Google
and are regrouping to crush that little outfit soon. Our newly formed RHP/LHW
umbrella company, Ambidextrous Bloodhound, just moved into an abandoned Home
Depot here in Birmingham, Alabama. I personally supervised someone supervising
the loading and unloading of boxes and furniture by our fresh team of young
interns. (I can’t think of a better way for these kids to spend their first
12-hour day of work. On their second day, I gave them a full 30 minutes for
lunch and, trust me, these young Megans and Bradleys earned it!)

If our current RHP publication schedule pans out, we’ll put out about a dozen
issues and chapbooks this year, more than any previous year. So, what better
way to celebrate than with a special extra bonus mini-issue?

Ten poems, under 30 words.

We’ll handle submissions for this one a little differently. Rather than our
usual rolling reading and acceptance practice, we’ll have a specified reading
period, a deadline, and after the deadline I’ll accept the poems for the issue.

It’ll be a quick read as it will consist of only 10 poems, each of which may be
no more than 30 words. We’ve done two under-30-words issues before and these
have been popular and quite fun to put together. It’s an A.D.D. sufferer’s
dream. The whole issue will be under 300 words.

So, here’s the deal.

Send your poems, 30 words or under, to by September
15th. Please format the subject line like this:

RHP<30 Your Name

where “Your Name” is your name.

Include a bio, also less than or equal to 30 words.

Sometime after the deadline, I’ll open the emails (actually, the interns will
open them for me when handing me coffee once I start my workday at about 1:30
p.m.), and select the 10 poems which will go in the mini-issue. The issue will
then appear in late September.

Ready, set, go!

On another very different note, please visit the main page at There you’ll find a beautiful poem by our friend
Allan Peterson. I remembered that Allan had published some beautiful poems
about life on the Gulf of Mexico and I wanted to create a little tribute to the
Gulf by featuring one of his poems. Allan sent this previously unpublished
work. See it, along with a fine photograph by Mark Meyer, at


Good luck to all who submit, please stop by tomorrow for more Poetry Tips...

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