Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Lilliput Review Issue #173

The poems collected in the latest issue of Lilliput Review speak of falling leaves, sunlight, hope and despair. For some reason, the poems that lend themselves towards darker feelings are the ones that inspired me and so I share a few with you:

even in daylight, these shadows find me

by: Constance Campbell of Austin, TX

I admire one-line poems and this one leaves any reader the imagination to decide upon what kind of shadows Ms. Campbell speaks of. For me, it is the lingering memories of sad times despite the outdoor sunshine. For you it may simply be that the trees offer shade amongst the cloudless blue skies.

the solution wasn’t
obvious to begin with
trapeze bars swinging
abandoned a lion
crying in the dark
of his cage

by: J.M. Hall of Nashville, TN

For some, the circus is a joyous and entertaining experience but for this poet there is painted a darker picture. Personally, I picture empty trapeze bars due to a tragic fall, the lion mourning its trainer. What do you picture?

Drove by this farmhouse
where someone had taken a crow
and hung it upside down
dead and dangling
upon a pole
right in the middle
of the garden—

healthy stalks
toward the light.

By: Charlie Mehrhoff of Oakland, ME

I have to say, I’ve always liked Mr. Mehrhoff’s poems. This one’s imagery appears daunting yet even though the dead crow may be there to warn off other garden pests the garden is portrayed and healthy and growing at the end. An interesting juxtaposition of life and death, don’t you think?

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Issa's Untidy Hut said...

Once again, PC, you are ever so kind. Thank you very much for featuring this work.

Don @ Lilliput Review

Poet Hound said...

Always my pleasure, I'll be featuring additional issues as time allows.