Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Poems Found by Poet Hound
“Mr. Attila” by Carl Sandburg
“Funeral” by Michael Kozlowsky

Also, Hosho McCreesh sent out an e-mail regarding their book, Sunlight at Midnight, Darkness at Noon, as it is the book’s one year anniversary and there are more copies for sale, this is what Hosho sent:

“Memorial Day is the 1 year anniversary of SUNLIGHT AT MIDNIGHT, DARKNESS AT NOON.

"1 year anniversary", you say, "that's a little self-indulgent"--yeah, that's true. But there will likley be a sale of the book (in case you're interested in picking one up)--and we made this really fun book trailer to, hope you all enjoy this!

Our deepest thanks go out to Kim, who delivered on the sound design!”

Get a copy if you haven’t already, it’s available for half price and it’s an excellent book. I interviewed both Hosho McCreesh and Christopher Cunningham about this book, check those interviews out here on Poet Hound at:

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christopher cunningham said...

thanks for letting folks know paula! we appreciate it...

hope all is well with you...